Hello and welcome to my world of art and music. I am Media Artist, Visual Artist, NFT artist, Lighting Designer, and Music Composer. My hometown is Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, a small nation with a fascinating history. It gave birth to many talented artists, and I’m proud to present my country and my art on international platforms. 
The love for art was born with music, in the times I was writing my music and visualizing it in my mind. I started with small steps in generative art, depicting “out of this world” images and giving them motion. My art is a visualization of various simulations of natural phenomena. 
The dominating colors in my art are shades of gray; the transition from dark to light, the play of colors in a unique way. I give space and imagination to viewers to colorize the scene in their own way. My art work is created with visual programming and scripting algorithms; codes that are visualized in the metamorphosis of shapes and images. I use the sound analysis algorithms I have developed to create generative art. Therefore, my art is unique because it was built on a noise generator, blended with sound analysis, resulting in unique shapes. Every new art work won’t be a copy of a previous one. 
My art was an inspiration to creative music videos of artists for ambient, techno, and experimental music genres. This kind of collaboration with pioneers in those music genres helped to expand the boundaries of my performance and imagination. 
Being a musician by soul and profession for years, I am a professional guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. I have a metal band that has been performing on local and international stages. I am a music composer, writing in various genres. I believe, music is the sound of nature, my endless source of inspiration; the energy I always turn to and find myself within. 
I also perform as a stage lighting designer and theatre lighting designer on international stages with world-renowned artists and bands. As a visual artist and VJ, I take part in live shows with my interactive art.
The world, the music, and your inner energy are perfect. I strive to visualize this perfection through my art, inspiring people to love art and find their energy.
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